Nonhuman Turn Project

For this project, we worked with the directors for UWMilwaukee’s Center for 21st Century Studies 2012 conference, “The Nonhuman Turn,” to provide thoughtful data visualizations that might enhance conversations around the concept of non-humanism. To accomplish this, we attempted to visualize the conference’s main theme from three different perspectives and data sets:

Network Graphics:

We harvested Google search results for conference speakers and concepts. Then we generated static and interactive graphic visualizations of the hyper-linked connections using the free graph building software Gephi. [coming soon]

Instagram Hashtag (#c21nonhuman):

We challenged members of Instagram, the world’s largest online mobile photo-sharing site, to take/edit/tag images that they felt reflected the main conference theme of the nonhuman turn.  From that database, we constructed a series of mosaic images using the Andrea Mosaic platform.

Twitter Hashtag (#c21nonhuman):

Through email, promotional fliers, and a live streaming display, we promoted the use of a common conference hashtag on Twitter through which conference goers could communicate with each other as well as with those following on the web.       [coming soon]

Conference Installation:

We provided a number of visual exhibitions in the main lecture hall for the conference. Click here for a full rundown with images of the installation.


Now that the conference is over, we plan to analyze these abstract data sets we’ve collected, translating our findings into white papers and future conference talks. We plan to offer our findings here on our site as well as through the Center for 21st Century Studies’ website as part of the conference archive. TMD also plans to contribute some of its accumulated research artifacts to produce graphics and visualizations for the forthcoming book of the conference.


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