Instagram Challenge, May 2012 #occupyplace

We had so much fun running the #c21nonhuman challenge that we didn’t want it to end. So we decided that instead of taking a well deserved break, we’d jump head first into another challenge.

Hashtag Challenge: #occupyplace

This past year has been marked by occupations of public spaces across the globe, from Tahrir Square to Zucotti Park, people have been standing up and reclaiming places across the globe. In Wisconsin, one such group has been the@overpasslightbrigade. Out of protest over the state’s union busting practices, members of OLB took to the streets, or more specifically bridges and overpasses. With large LED letters, OLB has attempted to give a voice to what should be public places. Check out this article on OLB’s work with the gubernatorial recall in WI

In conjunction with@overpasslightbrigade, we wanted to challenge igers to visually reclaim spaces for public discourse. Concoct your own brand of “light bright activism,” using perspective, manipulation, composition rhetoric or whatever creative tools you have at your disposal to help all of us see the potential collective voice of place. Throughout the month of May, @thinkmakedigital and @overpasslightbrigadewill feature the most creative appropriations and transformations of private space into public places. Just tag any old or new images #occupyplace to join the spacial revolution. Any image tagged by June 4 will be eligible for a feature and possibly showcased in a gallery or equivalent showing in June.


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