#c21nonhuman slideshow

At the conference we had a dedicated flat-panel television dedicated to cycling randomly through all the submissions from the #c21nonhuman feed. This display was placed just inside the main lecture hall entrance for conference goers to view in between plenary talks and breakout sessions. We’ve recreated that slideshow, albeit in alphabetical order, here in 9 parts.

Part 1

Users: @_pb, @1andy, @alexinvogue, @andrewkane86, @angelaajc, @antenanegra, @aragna13

Part 2:

Users: @bente_j, @berlinanna, @blackbirdmk, @blackspectre, @boqopod, @briandanielbaker, @busylittle1way

Part 3:

Users: @cattleking69, @chelsearae12, @chicagomatt, @chrisdonato, @chrislikethepear, @chrismanuputty, @christinekholm, @chunkysimon, @clence, @clintron2525, @cloud_catcher415, @ctfoitskatie, @cuttingroomfloor, @cynrtst

Part 4:

Users: @danisalvidori, @dasnake, @dmreidmd, @doctorjazz, @dragonka, @edv123, @elapathicwhales, @electricfeel21, @emeliesigelius, @enzothebaker, @escapistsalley, @evelincita, @expect_the_unexpected, @faceclub, @floflower, @fojazz, @frankrac, @gael_d, @gendry_tx_wilson, @gotofig2, @graciew44, @gunnbeas

Part 5:

Users: @hamrye, @heyangela, @idhats, @jackieisfree, @jamesjbrownjr, @jcreynoso, @jesteel1979

Part 6:

Users: @jezibell, @jhjuarez, @joshsatterfield, @joyseyeview, @jpg_mke, @kiscosantos, @ktnrain, @larocka, @laurensvanaarle, @marctasman, @marimarei, @marydoll12

Part 7:

Users: @mcquake01, @mericm, @michaelarclark, @mindypeterson, @misterbyl, @mosete, @msdupreez

Part 8:

Users: @natalie1972, @night_mary, @nuscof, @octaviodiaz, @optimista, @pauldye, @pfishee44, @playingbythesea, @prestonius, @purple_unicorn, @puurrple, @pxg0, @raphaelliais, @redbeetle, @redoaktree, @relaxocat, @rfh8, @rhymesauce, @saturatedlaughter, @sciencehill_360, @seqo1a, @shezasphotos, @shrt4shawn

Part 9:

Users: @silvertje, @sizz2, @stegasaurlyss, @sueski, @svea_neitzke

Part 10:

Users: @taya1, @tenacious_dee_ud, @threepio1, @tibalwave, @timbaliart, @tinesays, @titolin1, @torbenkulin, @trunolies, @twonames, @vakhography, @xxsjc, @yellowbean

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