Mosaics for Nonhuman Turn

In lieu of a feature tonight, we wanted to fill people in on one of the visualization projects that @thinkmakedigital will be exhibiting at UWMilwaukee’s Center for 21st Century Studies conference on The Nonhuman Turn. For this project, we’ve printed 12 large (36″x36″) mosaic images to represent breakout panel themes for the conference. To make these mosaics we used the free desktop client Andrea Mosaic. The program uses the images on the #c21nonhuman feed like jigsaw puzzle pieces to create a larger image. Each mosaic consists of 1 large image and 10,000 composite images from the feed. We’re doing this in part because the mosaics look amazing, but also because we’re seriously interested in how human minds (us) and nonhuman minds (Andrea Mosaic) might differ in their approach to information. After the conference, we plan to continue our experiment with the program as a means of seeing the sophistication of machine thinking In these test prints @marctasman used a generic color bar spectrum image as the map and played with settings that allowed variety in image repetition and orientation. These were a few of our favorites. Starting tonight, and throughout tomorrow and Wednesday, we’ll be rolling out images of the particular mosaics we printed so that everyone can get a glimpse of these. Check out the conference description and schedule:


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