Featured Instagram Artist, Tuesday (evening), April 24


We saw a real uptick in quality submissions over the weekend, so we’ve decided to feature 2 artists a day until the end of the month. We’ll post one in the am and the other in the evening. Here’s our second feature for today:

Featured Evening Artist for Tuesday, April 24: @msdupreez

Leslie’s feed, @msdupreez, really shifts the scale of our perspective to something akin to a Kafka narrative. In these pictures flies and praying mantises metamorph into individuals you might not want to run into in a dark alley. Can you hear the music yet, Gregor? Please, check out Leslie’s feed, follow her, and don’t forget to tag your own evidence of metamorphoses #c21nonhuman

Throughout April we will continue to feature artists and images that deconstruct what it means to be human. All shots tagged will be eligible to be shown in one of @thinkmakedigital s exhibits for the Center for 21st Century Studies’ conference, “The Nonhuman Turn” held May 3-5 at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee http://www4.uwm.edu/c21/pages/events/conferences.html



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